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Hello! First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to check out my new blog! I am beyond excited to share all that I have learned about health and fitness over the past several years. If you are interested in learning more about me, my family, and my fitness journey please check out my “About Me” tab!

My goal with this blog is to help other women reach their health and fitness goals. I have learned over the years, through personal experience, that changing your diet and incorporating exercise into your daily routine can completely transform your life.

Everyone’s idea of “healthy” is different and I plan to share everything I have learned to help you reach your ideal health!  Healthy is not based on a number on the scale, even though I have struggled with this for a long time myself.

Overall health is a combination of feeling great, feeding your body nutritious foods, growing muscle, and enjoying life along the way. I think so many women overthink this process!

I will show you that it can be simple! There are simple (not easy) things that you can change about your daily routine that can take your health and fitness to the next level.

The best part is, you don’t have to spend hours at the gym or in your kitchen every day. I actually do ALL of my workouts from home and I meal prep for 3 days at a time in about an hour and a half.


I will be sharing all of my simple recipes, meal plans, and nutrition information that I have used to reach my goals.

I’m sure you have heard it before, but nutrition is at least 80% of the battle.  Personally, I eat a mostly plant-based diet, because that’s what makes me feel my best. All of my recipes can be easily modified to add in whatever protein choices you prefer.

I will be sharing how I prep for success. I believe the #1 action you can take to reach your goals is to be prepared.  If you take the time to prep a healthy meal and you have it all ready to go you will be much more likely to eat that healthy meal and skip the fast food or frozen meals.  Not to mention, do you know how much money you can save when you don’t eat out for lunch!


Along with providing you with loads of recipes and nutrition advice, I will also be sharing my home-based workouts. I have completely fallen in love with exercise, but that hasn’t always been the case. I used to dread it and really only do it, so I could eat something terrible and not feel bad about it.

Now I LIVE for my workouts!  I actually have a hard time taking a day off and you will too once you find a fitness routine you love. Additionally, I will share my favorite workout videos, along with my own fitness routine to help you find what works for you. I am still learning as I go, but I have also come a long way from where I started!

Mental Health

Last but not least, I plan to help you achieve optimal mental health through nutrition and exercise. Exercise is the BEST way to put yourself in a good mood.  I struggle with anxiety and since adding in exercise to my daily routine it is far less apparent in my day to day life.

It can be so stressful when you feel like you have to juggle 100 things at once, but I think there is a way to do it and be happy about it. Of course, we all have those days where we want to kill everyone.  I promise though that they will get fewer and farther between the more you work on yourself.

As cliche as it sounds, I really believe in order to be the best mother, wife, friend, sister, employee, etc you have to love yourself first. You have to stop putting everyone else first and make yourself a priority every. single. day!!

This may mean you have to get up an hour earlier each day, give your kid the iPad so you can get a workout in, make your kids a different dinner than yourself, ask someone to watch your kids while you prep your meals, whatever! You have to do what is necessary to make time for you.

Anyway, I hope that you follow along and learn a lot along the way. I have been through some really hard times in life, but they have truly made me stronger and the person I am today. I will share my journey in hopes that you can relate to me on some level.

My passion truly is health and fitness and I have made it my mission in life to encourage other women to love themselves and really live their best lives!

<3 Katie

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Hello! I'm Katie. I'm here to share my easy plant-based and vegan recipes with you. I want to show you that eating a plant-based diet and reaching and maintaining your optimal health does not have to be complicated or expensive.

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